Play Game Life card

A two person show of recent work by Sudhu Tewari and Michael Schippling hosted by 21 Grand,
which is actually at 415 25th Street in Oakland, CA, February 2009.

The opening reception on Feb 6, 7-10 pm. Drinks optional.
Opening reception

Views of the installation (pieces are named left to right):

Schippling: Play Game Life, Fear Producer, Fear Collector

Tewari: Soccle, Billy Idle, Clap Hands, Peek-a-Boo

foreground, Tewari: Spinner
on wall, Schippling: Synchronized Studies -- "The Doll Parts"

foreground pedestals, Schippling: The Engine of Life, See Saw
background, Tewari: Spinner, 3RP, Solo, Montgomery Ward

foreground, Schippling: See-Saw, The Engine of Life
on wall (alternating), Schippling: Sirens and Furies (prints), Attraction (led boxes)

Here is a full list of Schippling's work in the show.

Images Copyright Michael Schippling and Sudhu Tewari -- All rights reserved.

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