Montage -- What Else is There?

The Summer of '07

The Bride

The Bachelor

Fear Producer

Fear Producer -- Click for video

I made these pieces while taking a Sculpture II class at the local CC. The teacher was Erika Wannenmacher who does really cool stuff which is very different from my work, but she managed to put up with me anyway. The Bride and Bachelor were constructed from dumpster-materials as a way of learning my way around the shop. The Fear Producer was supposed to be a Fear Collector, to catch and dispose of fears encountered while working. It transcended its original purpose by becoming the source of multiple instances of utter despair.

In January of 2009 I finished a second version of the Fear Collector, which almost works. At least it is responsive and behaves the way I thought it should, although it is still too slow to catch any real Fears.

Fear Collector (2009)

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