Montage -- What Else is There?

My Own Work

Michael Schippling -- 1970 to the present

  • Photo--Black and White Photography
  • Collage--Paper Collage/Painting
  • Computer media, ya know...
  • Metal Sculptures--Scale Models...someday
  • Fetish Jewelry--Proceed at Own Risk
  • RE: Tooling--New uses for old tools
  • Modern Reliquaries--Old uses for new objects
  • Empty Space--Color Photographs
  • Subjective Mysteries--Strange and unusual photogaphs
  • Unobtainable Landscapes--Bodys turned into landscapes
  • Modern Facades--The end of the modern era in architecture
  • Mosaics--Digital pornography that you can't view on a computer
  • Hearts and Minds--Lusciously ilLuminated Lips
  • Eidolon prints--Art or Porn? It's in the mind of the beholder.
  • Why Not Sneeze--Fecund Facial Features
  • Found Objects--More color photographs
  • Maps of the World--Digital manipulations
  • Sirens & Furies--Virtuous Prints
  • Kinetic Sculptures--Y2k++
  • 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

  • Play Game Life--Show at 21 Grand, Feb 2009
  • Schip's Systems Art page-- Research notes and links
  • Bricoleur--A Way Backward
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    Montage Links

    Photography and Digital Printing

    Digital photography -- Good introduction and links for camera buffs.
    InkJetMall -- John Cone's wealth of advice, materials, and services.
    Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. -- The canonical source for archival testing.
    Inkjet Art -- Good source of printing papers, inks, and other supplies.
    MIS Associates - Inkjet Supplies; cartridges, refill kits, paper and ink.
    thePAPERweb -- Another source for art papers.
    MediaStreet -- Printing and framing supplies.

    Computer Graphics and Color Management

    Computer Graphics on the Net -- Good links for general Computer info.
    Accurate Image Manipulation -- Calibration information.
    ICC Home Page -- This is where the spec happens.

    Galleries, Magazines, Museums, etc

    Pro Arts -- East Bay arts support and gallery.
    The CRUCIBLE -- Fire and metal arts for the masses.
    Artweek -- Check out the Classifieds for shows and jobs.
    SF Art Institute -- Home page.
    Southern Exposure -- Kool SF AltArtSpace.
    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts -- Mainstream AltArt in SF.
    Ylem's Web-O-Tronic Gallery -- At the Exploratorium.
    Mark Harden's Artchive -- Hundreds of art images and biographies.

    Personal sites

    Hamish Reid -- Photographer extrodiaire.
    Sharon Daniel -- Metaphoric construction co.
    Lightening on Demand -- BIG tesla coils.
    Michael Brown -- Public sculpture.
    Stacy Lande -- Idols of Perversity, paintings.
    Frank Moore -- Web of All Possibilities.
    ....cynsa beans.... -- Online projects.
    Metal Morphic: Sculpture by Scott Potter -- Recycled sculptures.
    Concentrics -- Really Cool(TM) Java applet.
    Dispersion -- Personal pathogens.
    Art Damage -- Like it says.
    Hollywood Archæology Lowell Darling, etal.
    EarlWorld -- One man's Museum of Conceptual Art.
    Reliquary for the Ashes of Rushdie's Book
    Encounter with Duchamp -- More Art Damage.
    Amanda (B) King -- Photographer.

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