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The BST: BSA-Suzuki-Triumph. A 1966 B44 round barrel engine, 1979 GS425 front end, and 1968 TR25W frame. It's legally a Triumph 250... I built it using buckets of parts found in dark garages and on street corners. Starts nicely due to the Mikuni carb (if you know the trick) and runs like a bat out of hell...


Before I

Before II

See Mayhem

Good as new
She's a 1976 750 Triumph Bonneville. I bought her from a co-worker's storage space with a rebuilt and never started engine and a crashed front end. I reconstructed most of the ancillary components and put on a retro exhaust system so she looks older than she is. Then I crashed her....Now she's back, with a dual disc Brembo/Marzocci front end and her shift is on the Right (correct) side, finally.


The old girl in the garage

Out and about
An Ariel Square 4 MkI. Supposedly my last brit bike, born in 1952 just like me. She runs great but needs various kinds of work. Especially real body parts....


Hanging Tough
He's my first Brit-bike. A 1974 Norton 850 Commando. I bought him two owners down the line from Scott Marburger who did the construction. He's got lots of details: oversize front brake, Production Racer fairing, Interstate tank, Fastback tailpiece, and roller bearing swing-arm. He's a great bike for an all day run, AND he can set off alarms on parked cars as you go by.


Desert Thumper

Thumper and I
Victor is an adolescent 1967 BSA 441 Victor Enduro. My first construction project under the tutilage of Robert Newman. These pictures were taken on a trip to Death Valley (we trucked him in) where he showed his un-paved colors. Damned hard to start.

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