Chronological List of Readymades

The one thing I found missing from Ms. Seekamp's massive 2004 catalog of Duchamp's Readymades was an orderly list, so I've made a chronological index to the detail pages of Unmaking the Museum: Marcel Duchamp's Readymades in Context. I collapsed her categories of Main, Core, and Late Readymades and included an {appelation} with a precis for reference. I make no value judgements vis their purity of essence, but still, some are listed as {readymade?}.

As to the selection criteria here is a horribly reduced summary of the Seekamp Readymade Rules of Order. While I might have minor quibbles I think these criteria provide a good fit to contemporary art.

A Readymade

"The curious thing about the Readymade is that I've never been
able to arrive at a definition or explanation that fully satisfies me."
Marcel Duchamp (Tomkins, C: Duchamp: A Biography)

And with that, here is the list...


A wooden toy, signed and given as a gift.
May be considered a Readymade in post hoc analysis.
Original lost.
Bicycle Wheel
Bicycle Wheel
The famous meeting of a bicycle wheel on a kitchen stool.
Original lost. Multiple replicas.

Standard Stoppages
String glued to boards used for making non-standard measurements.
Original in NYMoMA. Two replicas.

Bottle Rack
(What may be) a common item selected and signed.
Original lost. Multiple replicas.

Landscape print with two added drops of color.
Three originals, two lost and one in private collection.
One later replica and an edition of 100 hand colored prints.
not executed
Reciprocal Readymade
{reciprocal 'proposal'}
Proposal made in the Green Box Notes around 1915, possibly including the Rembrandt suggestion.
Never executed.
Emergency in Favor of Twice
Suggestion for a work made in a letter to his sister Suzanne in which "Readymade" is first used.
Original is lost or unrealized.

Pulled at Four Pins
Unpainted tin chimney cowl of which a copper plate etching was made.
Original lost. One print made from the plate in 1964.

The first American Readymade purchased in a NY hardware store.
Original lost. First replica made for the 1945 Yale show.
Multiple subsequent replicas.
Battle Scene
A mural of a battle scene on the wall of a NY Cafe, signed by Duchamp while dining with the Arensbergs.
Original was destroyed.

A inscribed steel comb dated as to the exact hour of its creation.
Original in Philadelphia. Multiple replicas.
With Hidden Noise
With Hidden Noise
An assemblage completed with an unknown object that makes sound when shaken.
Original in Philadelphia. Multiple replicas.

Traveller's Folding Item
An empty typewriter cover that can be folded and taken on a trip.
Original lost. Multiple replicas.
Apolinere Enameled
Apolinere Enameled
Altered advertisement plaque for a paint brand.
Original in Philadelphia. Multiple replicas.

The notorious urinal entered into and (mainly) rejected from the first Society of Independent Artists exhibition in New York on April 10, 1917.
Original lost. Multiple replicas.

Hat Rack
A common household item suspended from the ceiling.
Original lost. Replica edition made in 1964.

Another common household item bolted to the floor.
Original lost. Replica edition made in 1964.

French Military Paper
Expunged list made by Duchamp while working for the French government in NYC during WWI.
Present location unknown.

Sculpture for Travelling
Soft sculpture made from strips of rubber bathing caps.
Multiple originals lost while traveling.
One replica by Richard Hamilton for 1966 Tate exhibition.

Hand Stereoscopy
A stereo-slide of a seascape with a pencil-drawn geometrical figure, generally ignored as a Readymade.
Original in NYMoMA. No known reproduction attempts.

The well known icon with a well known case of hirsutism.
Original in private collection.
Multiple cases of versions and replicas.

Paris Air
A container containing air from Paris.
Original, broken and replaced, in Philadelphia. Multiple replicas.

Tzanck Check
{'imitated' rectified}
A hand drawn check made out to Duchamp's dentist and later repurchased.
Original in private collection.

Unhappy Readymade
A geometry textbook exposed to the elements by Duchamp's sister.
Original destroyed in the process of creation.
Suzanne Duchamp-Crotti, Marcel Duchamp's Unhappy Readymade, 1920, oil on canvas, is the only survivor.

Corkscrew's Shadow
A shadow detail in the painting T um' done for K. Dreier.
Original never executed.

Dust Breeding
Photograph by Man Ray of dust on the Large Glass.
Original in Fotomuseum Winterthur.
One contact print and ten prints from original negative.
Fresh Widow
Fresh Widow
Small french window frame with polished leather panes made by a NY carpenter.
Original in NYMoMA. Multiple replicas.

Belle Haleine
Perfume bottle with altered label containing image of Rrose Selavy.
Original in private collection.

Brawl at Austerlitz
Miniature window with faux-brick painted surface on wooden base.
Original in Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

Why Not Sneeze
Bird(?) cage with marble cubes, a cuttle fish bone, and a thermometer.
Original in Philadelphia. Multiple replicas.

Non Dada
Religious pamphlet sent to Man Ray from the US with note signed by Rrose.
Original in private collection.

Modified novelty poster from a NY restaurant.
Original in private collection.
Reproduced as poster for 1963 Pasadena show.

Monte Carlo Bond
Photocollaged "bond" ostensibly to finance the playing of roulette.
Original (may be) in NYMoMA. Multiple prints made.

Door, 11 rue Larrey
Door with two openings constructed at Duchamp's instruction in his Paris studio.
Original in private collection.
One existing replica and two full-scale photographs.

Box in Valise
Replicas of significant Duchamp works in a traveling suitcase.
Original edition of seven (assembled by Joseph Cornell).
Multiple subsequent replicas.

Pocket Chess Set
Leather pocket chess board with "men" of Duchamp's design.
Multiple originals. Multiple later replicas.

The Locking Spoon
{'semi' rectified}
A metal spoon attached to a door lock.
Refers to a pun: "Du dos de la cuiller au cul de la douairiere".
Original lost.

Lord & Taylor waistcoat with modified buttons spelling TEENY.
Original in Collection Alexina (Teeny) Duchamp.
Multiple replicas.

Water and Gas on Every Floor
{'imitated' readymade}
A signed reproduction of a real sign.
Original unknown.
Used as book cover art for Sur Marcel Duchamp

Laundress' Apron
{'imitated' 'rectified' readymade}
(Plaid) aprons modified with simulated sexual organs.
One original, with an edition of 20 included in the deluxe version of the catalog for Exposition Internationale de Surrealisme.

LHOOQ Shaved
A playing card used as the cover for a dinner invitation.
Unknown sized edition in unknown locations.

Urn with Ashes
{'provoked' readymade}
Black clay urn containing the ashes of a cigar Duchamp smoked at, and the minutes of, a Dada Dinner in Paris.
Original in private collection.

Homage to Caissa
A wooden chessboard signed by Duchamp.
Ten of a projected edition of 30 produced.

c'est fini